Pumas Rugby Club – Balls to Cancer calendar

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We spent an afternoon at the Pia Bella attending an event sponsored by Naomi Mehmet and her husband Hakan Temizyurek who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in early 2008. We were treated to a fashion show followed by Cypriot dancing and then had a browse around the stalls set up there. Last year 10 000TL was collected from the sale of the Puma Rugby Club calendars, in the style of the famous Women’s Institute semi-nude calendar. This year’s calendar is equally exciting, if you’re that way inclined. They are 15TL each or two for 25TL.

If you look closely at the calendar you’ll find a lot of things that at first you might miss, for example looking closely at May you’ll see a short note telling you that Lance Armstrong had testicular cancer but was diagnosed and treated early and went on to win the Tour de France. Come on, buy a calendar or two – all proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be donated to the Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips.) To learn more go to www.cypruspumas.com.

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