Toparlaniyoruz – ‘never make promises publicly you cannot keep’


Toparlaniyoruz meeting at the Pia Bella on Wednesday 5th September 2012 @ 3.00 pm – (

The build up to the meeting of this fairly new group was heralded with much enthusiasm.  The meeting, though not as well attended as one might expect was given a fair hearing by the audience and I think all felt that the leader Kudret Ozersay left the meeting with a fair idea of just how the expats in North Cyprus felt.

One little old lady in particular was pleased because she came away with a promise of help:

” I did mention that I would be fighting the Libel cases in court myself because I could not afford to pay an Advocate. Marion Stuart asked Mr Ozersay if he knew anyone who would do the legal work for me for nothing. A young man at the table, a volunteer and an Advocate, said he would and asked that I leave my contact details after the meeting, this I did. I will await his call.”

This was taken from the original report on this meeting.

She tells me that after some prompting she did receive an e mail from the Advocate who asked for details of the cases. These she sent to him on the 10th September 2012.

She did not hear from him so today, 16 days after her email she contacted him:

“It is now 16 days since I sent you the information regarding my Libel Writs. Whilst I do not mean to be pushy, the new legal year has started and I need to know if you feel you can help me. I would prefer to know either way.”

His reply:

“We are sorry to inform you but we will not be able to provide assistance/help.”

You may think that from her email, she was expecting the reply she got. You would be right. Ms Stuart did tell her she had been chastised for asking the question she did at the meeting. Also a clue come from the fact that she had no reply for 16 days and only then after her prompting. She guessed her knight in shining armour was a little less than enthusiastic.

The moral of this tale is, believe only actions. Never make promises publicly you cannot keep.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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