North Cyprus Property Victims | Electricity and Water

The meeting at the Pia Bella on Wednesday brought up many very interesting problems being endured by the ex-pat population in north Cyprus. Kudret Bey made it very clear he wanted details of all the problems experienced by ex-pats.

One problem not mentioned by the audience was that of the unequal pricing system of electricity to ordinary domestic customers. The normal price tariff once described as three times the price of the world average by a Turkish Ambassador, and then the builder’s tariff which is at twice, possibly three times that of the domestic tariff. Why? Because for some reason, known only to themselves, Kibtec have priced it that way.

Does it cost more to generate builder’s tariff electricity? No of course not.

Does builder’s tariff electricity last longer and keep you warmer? No of course not.

So why then is there a two tier system? Initially the reason behind this was to encourage maybe, force definitely, the builder to complete the Electricity Project. Here again if the laws were enforced and builders regulated and regularly inspected, this situation would not occur. The law clearly states that all infrastructure should be present before building commences. Now, I personally see the installation of a supply of electricity and water as part of the infrastructure and also a basic Human Right. A second plus to the electricity being installed at the outset would have been that it would have been much cheaper for the builder. Prices have escalated in bringing the supply to a site and of course, the builders were not savvy enough to factor this into the costs of building the property. Not only were builders not business men, they were not builders either; witness the appalling state of some of the properties.

We have a situation where the very people who have already been victimised by the builders/developers/landowners who have abandoned them with no proper supply of electricity, have failed to honour the contractual obligations by not completing the Electricity Project. Now are these rogues the ones who are punished? No. It is the victims who are being punished yet again by having to pay such a punitive rate for their electricity.

The Government could easily fix this particular anomaly by insisting that once anyone moves into their home, on whatever basis, holiday home or permanent home, everyone pays the normal rate for their electricity. It is not rocket science, it is an act of decency and compassion. Kibtec is a nationalised company so the Government should be able to have the final say. The Government caused the problem by taking their eye off the ball, it is incumbent on them to fix it.

With regard to water. The cottage industry that makes a fortune from tankering water to homes left without water by unscrupulous builders would undoubtedly suffer. However I think the purchasers who have to pay for this water deserve better. The Beledeysi should be forced by the Government to ensure a supply of normal tariff water is available to every home. To allow anyone, ex-pat or Turkish Cypriot, to be blackmailed into paying extra for something that should be the right of every human on this planet, namely a supply of clean water at the same cost, is a minimum Human Right.

I think the issue of electricity and water is something for Kudret bey to put to the Government.

O B Joyful

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