Stop the Blackmail – Actions Not Just Hypocritical Words


If you are a member of the other STBINC, aren’t you slightest bit concerned at what is happening? Are you wondering who really is in control now?

Do you not want to know why any post that asks questions is deleted? Do you not wonder why people are being banned simply for asking questions? Do you really believe the Government is going to do the right thing by the victims, bearing in mind this has been going on for many many years.

Is there no one out there who cares that a group started with such good intentions is being taken over? Look at the mission statement put out by Nigel Watson at the inception:

“Kuzey Kibris blackmail Durdur”

“we call upon the government in KKTC to stop the blackmail of property buyers it is common practice for landowners/property developers/vendors to demand money over and above the contract price in return for them signing over the kochan this must be stopped it is blackmail and is illegal in the rest of the civilised world.”

These are the words of the originator of the group and in the early days his words were strong and clear, he hated the system as much as anyone and recognised that the Government were doing nothing or at least he said he did.

Nigel Watson is a hypocrite, because he is now doing exactly what he set up the group to combat. He is deleting posts, many many at one time. He is censoring what can be said even though it is well reasoned questions and arguments and not personally offensive. He, who was banned so many times from C44 in his many guises is being a bigot and not supporting his fellow victims.

Censorship is another form of BLACKMAIL. Even recently he said ‘I do not always agree with your methods but SILENCE is not an option’, this in reply to a post by Pauline Read.

It is scandalous that this is happening and it is a travesty if it is allowed to continue.

Many will say it has played into the hands of the authorities and the banks. I believe it was choreographed to do just that and that evil took over from good.

Evil will flourish when good men do nothing.

Power to the people

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