Social Networks and their possible impact on North Cyprus Property Problems

By Pauline Read
Co-administrator of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group
Chartered Institute of Journalists

The Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group has now topped the 1000 membership figure, today it stands at 1033 and is growing daily.  Our originator John Good, who has been forced to adopt a pseudonym, such is his fear of reprisals from his landowner and builder, never dreamed his idea would capture the imagination of so many.

Our rapid growth proves two things:

1) The need for such a group, we have all seen what such ‘social networks’ have achieved in Libya so very recently and Egypt, and Tunisia and we are watching with bated breath events unfolding in Syria. The internet has made such a difference to communications and now it is all too easy for the rest of the world to learn what is going on ‘behind closed doors’.

2) The people are losing their patience with a Government who appears not to care, witness the overwhelming number of Turkish Cypriots in our midst, from the TRNC, from the USA, from the UK and from Australia. Turkish Cypriots who either have votes nor the ability to influence votes.

There is an element in the TRNC who are using these ‘closed doors’ to enhance their wealth at the expense of innocent victims and the property market scams are a good example of this.

We at Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group will no longer stay silent whilst the ‘greedy few’ rape and pillage our beloved TRNC.

We urge the Government to take a stand against all who would commit these crimes against Humanity.

The innocent victims of property injustice look to the Government for answers.

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