Malicious Censorship at StopThe Blackmail in North Cyprus Forum

Censorship at Stop The Blackmail in North Cyprus (STBINC) has become crippling recently. As an experiment I tried posting some fairly innocuous comments under my real name “Malcolm Channing”. I did this because I had a feeling that one of the Administrators was using a property issues forum for their own personal promotion. Part of this personal promotion appeared to be to prevent competitors from receiving traffic from STBINC as a result of posting links to relevant property issues. I seemed to imagine that the original aim of the forum was to expose practices in North Cyprus which could be seen as using power over people to unfairly treat them. In my mind this includes everything from property issues to businesses in North Cyprus which con people in any way.

So here we go. This is what I posted at 14:16 – mine is the fourth comment

STBINC – Screen clipping taken: 15/07/2012 14:16

A few minutes later at 14:24 the comment disappeared

STBINC – Screen clipping taken: 15/07/2012 14:24

There is no reason why STBINC should publish any of my comments, I’m just the editor of NCFP and, since the forum started, hundreds of our articles have featured there. I’m just wondering how true comments are which are made there. It is important that people are able to criticise statements, otherwise a false appearance may be given.

For example ‘John Good”s comment that the reason NCFP links could not be displayed was because “I received a number of complaints from various people.” This seems to be along the same lines as the comment about the “most popular and most viewed ( over 3 million hits per month ) forum in trnc” seen in the illustration. Without going into technical details, that is an abuse of statistics when the number of pages viewed daily is a true measure of popularity, and used by advertisers to discover how may people will view their adverts. The actual statistic for that website is very low and hence the need for promotion of the website, or in this case the attempted demotion of NCFP.

I’m not sure why ‘John Good’ feels a need to censor but in doing so, under the present Administration, I am doubtful of anything reported there. I am also doubtful of a forum which says it supports victims but which victimises those who use it.

Anyway, that’s off my chest, I don’t usually write articles but considering that NCFP was being attacked I felt the need to put the matter straight.

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