The Case of the Non-Existent Emails and the Girne CID


I am a very puzzled and little perturbed about a phone call I have just received

It would seem that the CID of Girne Police have been approached by someone called Pembe Aydogus accusing me of ‘sending her emails’. The man on the telephone did not speak good English and when I questioned him on dates and the nature of the emails, he could not give them to me. He said he was speaking for the officer in charge of the case and although I took down the name as Mahmood Eorugo, I cannot be sure this is correct. He wanted me to go to the Police Station immediately but I said I could not because I had had a drink and would not drink and drive. Begrudgingly, and confused, I agreed I would attend the Police Station on Friday.

I telephoned my Advocate and explained what had happened, he rang the police and spoke to the relevant officer who seemed shocked that he should ring and who confirmed that there was no charge against me, they just wanted to warn me. Warn me of what, I have no idea what they are talking about. Seems to me these tactics have been used on me before.

I have a vague suspicion that Pembe Aydogus may be Pembe Ibrahim of CAC, but of course I cannot be sure. If it is she, I have not communicated with her since being ejected from CAC and the other STBINC. The last time I saw Ms Ibrahim was when she was very publicly and very loudly accusing my partner of threatening her children. A false and spurious allegation and to this day I cannot fathom out the reason for this. I did consider reporting this very public incident to the police but out of concern for her children, I did not. I now regret that decision. The incident is however well documented and had many witnesses.

At first I thought the phone call was a hoax, but clearly it was not. I was in the car with Ms Ibrahim one day when she telephoned a police officer to check a registration number, which he did and phoned her back. If it is her, then I hope the police are not acting as her bully boys. It would not be the first time this has happened to me.

I do not believe Ms Ibrahim would be so foolish as to bring too much police attention on herself. It has to be remembered that she is not legally qualified and therefore not licensed to practice law in the TRNC.

Please, if you have a problem take it to a fully trained and qualified Advocate. I know there are some that have not given the service you would expect but there are some who wish to serve you with due diligence.

So what does this person, whoever she is, wish to gain from this. I can only imagine, if it is CAC related, that business is bad. Perhaps I am thought to be to blame and that revenge is the motive. Clearly if Ms Aydogus feels she has been libelled it is a Civil matter, not Criminal, and involving the police is foolish at best and intimidatory at worst. The Police allowing themselves to become involved beggars belief and needs questioning at a very senior level.

I will deal with this on Friday and then, if my Advocate thinks it is necessary, I will make a formal complaint to the Chief Officer about what I consider to be a form of harassment.


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