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The Citizens Advice Cyprus FaceBook group, their website is still ‘under construction’, some time ago implied that they have the ear of the TRNC government and have inside knowledge that the property transfer tax is being returned to 3%. This seems to have changed.


Another whole week has past ! ll Courts back in full action beginning with an excellent result from the high courts in Lefkosa for the K5 group being successful with the interim order to stop the sales of the villas pending the court trial. We have started to notice a twist in attitude, auction boards are clear no future action dates have been set. Managing to postpone the Karmi auction twice a whole summer has past with no future sale in sight but all have agreed to negotiate an update of this will be given shortly ! 24th September Parliment went back into action as promised and confirmed again to me today they will be looking into lowering the transfer tax back down to 3% when pushing them for a time I was told 1 month and it should be this side of christmas. come on TRNC goverment lets see results and justice for all property victims. Citizens Advice Cyprus.”


This was posted on the other sites. Let us look at it. Well K5 both sides advocates go back to chambers Monday so the Interim Injunction may well become permanent but as yet it is by no means certain. I was speaking to an Advocate who informed me that Auctions will be speeding up that in his area Famagusta – 3 Advocates have been appointed to speed up the process BUT because of the leadership battle, Mr Kucuk has to fight to retain his Premiership they have been put on hold until after this battle is resolved. How does he know, he is one of the 3 appointed. The advocate was under the impression that other advocates had been appointed to do the same job in the other Tapu areas. How come that when they took the 3% discount away it happened immediately? Giving it back should be immediater too. So in short CAC have achieved nothing this week. No surprise there then. When they give free advice and free help I will be the first to applaud. Never give in and never give up.”

The promised re-introduction of the 3% discount on transfer of title is detailed below:



After our last few close meetings with the Interior Ministry we have had some great positive news with regards to changes of laws where foreign nationals are concerned.

A group of us representing the Stop the Blackmail facebook group and Citizens Advice Cyprus attended a meeting with Government Officials and were told about the new changes they are awaiting to be passed through Government. Approx time span being between 3 to 5 month this is what we were told … So what are their new propsals …..

1) we were told that after consideration the once in a life time tranfer fee 3% which the rights were taken from all foreign nationals we be reinstated….So anyone wishing to transfer the price of the taxes on tranfer will be coming down !!! from now 6% to 3% Thank you government !

2) An amnesty will be out very shortly enabling people who have not registered their contracts with the Land Registry, which by law should be done within 28 days of the date of the contract, you will soon be able to stamp and now register you contracts of sale !

The government official from the Interior Ministry has said he will in future be working with us for the needs of property victims in North Cyprus…. WHAT A RESULT..

Please keep watching this page for the latest updates WE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED…..”

So now it seems it will be ‘looked into’ as opposed ‘will be coming down’, Semantics but very important in this case.


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