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Citizens Advice Cyprus – Yesterday I went to the court and lodged my new Will. I felt quite flattered that the Clerk there recognised my name and told me I was a brave woman. I mentally subsituted the brave for foolish, but for a short while she made me feel worthwhile.

I cannot stress how important it is for anyone living in North Cyprus to have a Will, that is of course, if you have any assets here. You are probably all thinking, oh dear, Pauline has lost the plot, the Bank now have her house. True enough, but I still have memorandums on assets in Arapkoy and I still have my villa in Edremit. It is incumbent on us all to ease the burden of those we leave behind and a Will is the only way to do this. You leave clear and unchallengeable proof of what you wish to happen to your earthly possessions.

How often have you seen families torn apart when someone they loved died without a Will? Nothing is more guaranteed to bring out the greed gene in humans than the thought of something for nothing and you are not there to challenge these parasites. A well drafted Will, lodged with the court in North Cyprus will ensure this does not happen. As you can well imagine, to die intestate (without a Will) in North Cyprus will create a monumental headache for those left behind and a ‘windfall’ for the state.

Contrary to what you may have been told, there is no requirement for you to appoint your Advocate as your Executor. Obviously, they’d love you to since they can charge for the administration of your Estate and they will. How much, well how long is a piece of string? In my opinion you should nominate someone you know and trust and someone who is preferably younger than you so that you stack the odds in favour of your predeceasing them. Not an exact science since we do not ‘pop our clogs’ in chronological order.

If you need any advice on this subject contact Citizens Advice Cyprus.

Pauline Read

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