Pocket Billiards breaks North Cyprus sports embargo

The Nations Cup of the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) took place between the 14th and 19th of June. For the first time competitors from the unrecognised North met competitors from the Republic of Cyprus. When the Northern Cypriots entered, there was a crisis amongst their Southern counterparts. The attending Greek Cypriots were at a loss as to what to do, if they should even think about playing with the men from the Turkish part of the Island, since the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  is an unrecognised state. Initially the players refused to compete with their Turkish fellow sportsmen and only after frantic telephone calls to the Greek Cypriot Billiards Federation was  permission granted to the Greek Cypriots to carry on the contest. Eventually three players from each country stepped up and play commenced in the three disciplines in the competition. The Greek Cypriots won handsomely by all accounts. The flags of both nations were to be seen on the screens of the EPBF, a sight that is absolutely unfathomable on the Island itself.

Editor: The Billiard Federation of North Cyprus is a full member of the Netherlands based European Pocket Billiard Federation (www.epbf.com) and “Cyprus” is a provisional full member.

Taken from the North Cyprus Times quoting its sources as: (kıbrıs postası).

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