Pauline Read is issued a writ for having an opinion about a TRNC bank

Pauline Read is issued a writ for having an opinion about a TRNC bankTrue to form the Hearing today Kulaksiz 5 -v- ABC was eventful.

Even before entering the Court the excitement began. I was standing with our Advocate when a man who identified himself as a police officer (plain clothes) approached me and asked if I was from Kulaksiz 5. I said yes and then noticed that there were in fact two police officers present. I asked why they were there and he said it was for Kulaksiz 5. I questioned him about where he was from, which police force, and he said Lefkosa. I was then approached by the Bailiff who served me with two Writs. The first to pay the costs awarded to the defendant in the Hearing of the 26th August, 2011. The second, as expected, was for me personally for my writing on the internet for North Cyprus Free Press.

K5’s Advocate said that I must pay the costs as the defendants had used the option written into the Judge’s verdict, i.e. it gave them the ability to serve the writ to any one of the K5 plaintiffs and guess who drew the ‘short straw’. Our Advocate assured me, it had to be paid immediately The original amount of 2000 lira was increased by the addition of tax to 2565 which means an individual cost of 285 lira for each of us in the case. I know I will be reimbursed because my fellow members will realise it could so easily have been presented to any one of us.

The police officers disappeared when I had been served and my beloved escorted by the Bailiff went to pay the costs.

The hearing started at 9.25 a.m. The Judge asked who was present from K5 and my presence was duly noted.

There was much said by both the Advocates and the Judge and although my lack of Turkish limits my understanding, I did hear the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz and the Turkish word for mortgage mentioned.

The new date for the next hearing was given, Thursday 15th March 2012.

Outside the court our Advocate told me he had been given 30 days to provide our evidence to the defence and he assured me the list of evidence is long.

Another member of K5 did attend but did not come into the court.

As a final observation, I would again remind anyone who has an issue with anything written on NCFP, the publication is in France and subject to European law. Anyone who has issues with anything written can complain directly to NCFP. If the article violates European law, it will be removed.

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