North Cyprus | Travelling South via Different Crossings

Yesterday Agile and I crossed to the south via the Ayios Nikolaos crossing. The purpose of this journey was to visit with my god-daughter (and great niece) who was holidaying in the south for a couple of weeks.

This border crossing is accessed via Famagusta and leads directly on to a British Military base. If you haven’t used it, it is a fairly easy journey depending on the distance from where your start point is. Ours was Edremit near Kyrenia and it took about an hour and a half to get there from our start point. Having passed through the Turkish Cypriot passport control you then are stopped by a UN officer and the procedure is very quick and unobtrusive.

Kellie, my god-daughter was staying with her long time friend who now lives outside the base with her RAF personnel boyfriend. We brought her back through the base and into Famagusta on the north side to show her the old walled city, which she thoroughly enjoyed and we lunched in Famagusta. As it is Bayram the selection of eating venues was limited but the one we chose provided excellent food and beverages very reasonably priced.

After a lovely day we passed back through the base and delivered Kellie safely back to her holiday accommodation.

We did pass a Lidl in Paralimni but strangely it was closed. I say strangely because from previous experience we had noted that Lidl in Mammary near the Bostanci crossing does open on a Sunday. With this in mind we headed towards Lefkosa, took the highway and headed to the Bostanci crossing. We arrived at Lidl Mammary just after 6.30pm and did the little shopping we needed. We then headed towards the Bostanci crossing on the way to our favourite Greek Cypriot Restaurant, stopped for liquid refreshment and then went on to Bostanci where we crossed without a hitch. One interesting thing happened, without any instigation from us, the Officer in the passport booth, gave us both a 90 day visa stamp on our paper insert Visa.

So many crossings in one day will, I am sure, interest my ‘watchers’ even though the reason is a very valid and simple one.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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