North Cyprus News Update | Power Worker Strikers Joined by Telecommunications Workers

This may be my last report for a while from a very cold North Cyprus. I am using my battery on my laptop to power this as we have an indefinite power strike here. It seems that Kib Tek do not want to be privatised and are using their muscle to try to prevent this. My own power went off at about 6.30 p.m. last night Thursday 19th January and must have come on sometime during the night. However it went off again at 6.30 a.m this morning (Friday) and is off now. This is one of the coldest spells I remember here and although we do have a gas heater, it is very cold and very miserable.

Now why do the workers not want to be privatised? My personal guess would be that progress might mean that they would have to earn their corn. That maybe the much talked about alleged ‘free’ electricity for them and their relatives would be no more. Surely an updated modern supply of electricity would be a boost for the whole country. A supply of electricity at a reasonable rate instead of 3 times the world average price as allegedly quoted by the Turkish Ambassador. An end to a many tiered tariff system, the most hated of these tiers being the ‘builders’ tariff’.

Now we hear that the telephone company has come out in sympathy with the electricity workers. Well I cannot see the public being very sympathetic to their demands since we are the ones paying over the odds for such an intermittent supply.

The Government have allegedly voted against the srike and I hope they follow through and do something meaningful about this situation. I would think one option would be to bring in the army to man the stations, in much the same way the British Government did during the ambulance drivers strike in the UK. We all remember seeing the Green Goddesses on the streets in Britain.

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