North Cyprus News | New ‘Discount’ Lemar Opens | Alsancak

North Cyprus NewsNorth Cyprus News | New ‘Discount’ Lemar Opens | Alsancak

Following on from the poorly worded Cyprus Today article (17/4/2013) about Lemar expanding, I had a chat with Wendy Murphy, consultant for the Levent Foods Group, responsible for the project.

The Lemar at the Golden Lady Statue, Alsancak, is to specialise in discount produce and will open today, Friday 19th April 2103. Contrary to the information given in Cyprus Today, there will not initially be a cafe or a market, these will be opening at the Çatalköy branch. When I arrived this morning and interviewed Wendy, I was told that the opening had been delayed a little and the tills were expected to be functioning this afternoon.

One product line which could prove to be exciting at Alsancak Lemar is the German bread baked by Food Lodge. These are traditional breads including freshly baked whole rye, much favoured by Eastern Europeans and Russians. Later on during the weekend I will be researching some of the bargains at this ‘discount’ supermarket and, of course, reporting them to you.

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