North Cyprus News | Inter-not on your Nelly!

North Cyprus News | Inter-not on your Nelly!

You may have noticed that I have not been online for the last few days.

I found I could not get on to the internet even though my dongle was showing that I was connected, so naturally I did even begin to think I had run out of my data allowance. The date it was due to be renewed was the 22nd November and so I thought, oh dear I have a problem with the laptop. I tried with my very limited knowledge to understand what could have gone wrong.

A friend suggested I go where there was wifi connection and try there. Sure enough as soon as I connected. I was able to get online. So Saturday morning I went to the nearest Telsim Vodafone shop, showed them my receipt from last year, paid over the 600 lira and was told because it was Bayram, I could not be reconnected until Monday (today) at 9.00 am.

9.00 am came and went with no connection. So complete with my laptop and dongle Agile and I went back to the shop. The next bit, you will not believe, I am still not sure I do. Apparently, yes I had used up my allowance BUT it could not be renewed until the 22nd November. Now if you just said a loud WHAT!, bet it wasn’t as loud as mine. I spoke to someone via the telephone from wherever it is they administrate this and he confirmed it. I talked to him about flexibility but no, the best he could offer was 1G so I could get online. My reaction, “give me my money back”, which they did and I left the shop.This afternoon, I went to Laconic in Alsancack who were in the process of moving, I asked about a Turkcell dongle. For 10G the price for one year was acceptable BUT, the shop owner couldn’t sell it to me then and there BECAUSE, he did not have the one year contract on his computer, come back Wednesday he said. Go figure.

Tomorrow, I will go and get a Turkcell dongle from somewhere else, but really, I have never had so much trouble trying to spend money in the TRNC.  Two things I have to say: VODOFONE pull your finger out, Turkcell, please don’t let me down.

Never give in never give up.

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