North Cyprus News | Alpan Uz’s North Cyprus Airlines

Now I will be the first to admit, I know nothing about airlines and they are of little or no interest to me. What I do find interesting in the link below is the name of the guy at the centre of of the article, coming so quickly after my article about his fancy footwork in the property market.

Up pops the name of Alpan Uz, yet again. The man who allegedly transferred his assets into other names when being sued by his victims. There you go folks, allegedly he now has an airline. Is this the same Alpan Uz who allegedly threw a couple out into the street at the Mayfair development?

You could write on the back of a postage stamp all I know about airlines, maybe, just maybe you could also write on that same stamp all that our erstwhile villian/hero knows about airlines. Where is Tymbou Airport, oh now I know it is Ercan, is this a cunning plan to put us off the scent? Well the link gave me pause for thought and then a good belly laugh, hope it does the same for you. At first I thought this was old news, but no, look at the link, apparently appeared in Havadis on 14th October 2011. A not very good alleged Property Developer running an airline, go figure.

Now here is a rather ground breaking idea, perhaps as Mr Uz is planning to invest in other fields, which of course gives us the impression he has the money to do so, perhaps he would like to invest some of that money in finishing what he allegedly started, the homes of all his alleged victims, and for good measure, he just might like to ernsure they get their title deeds too? There you go, bet you never thought of that did you Mr. Uz?




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