North Cyprus Consumer | No Fast Food Anymore?

North Cyprus Consumer | No Fast Food Anymore?Cyprus Consumer | No Fast Food Anymore?

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend towards consuming junk food and many people are on the verge of serious health problems because of it. Raising the taxes on unhealthy food products is an effective solution because it would motivate individuals to spend on nutritious products. However, this action means depriving people of their freedom. In addition, if we give enough importance to doing sports, eating fast food hardly affects our health.

People have recently become more careful with their money since there is an ongoing economical crisis dramatically affecting almost every country, not just Cyprus. If the prices of unhealthy foods were increased, many fast-food lovers would have to give up. Such implementation would possibly encourage those of us who do not have a healthy diet to change.

Furthermore, implementing increased taxes on products made of harmful ingredients encourage the community members to think about why they are still consuming something, which is not budget-friendly or nutritious. They also become more aware of the disadvantages and they start searching for healthy alternatives.

However, citizens have the right to choose their own diet consisting of the foods that they enjoy eating and this is not something illegal. Additionaly, fast-paced life does not always allow us to cook or prepare healthy meals, so we sometimes have to finish our lunch or dinner in fifteen minutes. Thus, fast food becomes an inevitable choice for some. Finally, yet importantly, if one does sports every day, consuming food products rich in fat is less likely to show a negative effect. It would still be possible to take part in sports competitions and stay fit.

In conclusion, I am convinced that an increased tax for some food products is not a perfect idea. It would mean depriving individuals of their rights.

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