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If you have assets in the TRNC it is important to have a Will drawn up and lodged with the District in whichever area you live.

Many of us have a UK Will and they are acceptable but for peace of mind many prefer to have a TRNC Will, especially if you reside in the TRNC.

You can, if you have the confidence, do the Will yourself and it can be in English. The KISS method is ideal if you wish to do it yourself – Keep It Simple Stupid. If your words are few and cannot be open to dispute, you are as well doing it yourself.

If, however, your Estate is complicated then do contact an Advocate or a Notary but be sure to negotiate the price beforehand. Business is scarce and you are in a strong negotiating position. I have heard of fees varying from £80 to £1000, so you see it is a minefield out there.

If you have your UK Will and simply want to make one in the TRNC, use the wording of your UK Will as a template making the relevant changes in detail.

Do not use the Advocate as Executor, you will not be there to challenge any charges s/he makes for acting as Executor.

Do It Yourself Wills

1. Think hard about who you wish to act as Executor and make sure the odds are stacked against him dying before you, ie try to use someone a good bit younger than you and not a beneficiary. Do also ask if the person you nominate is prepared to act as your Executor.

2. Word your wishes carefully and, as stated above, if you have an existing Will, use this as a template.

3. You will need two witnesses to sign also, this should be done as you sign it because they are witnessing that YOUR signature is genuine. If British or other nationality they should enter their passport number. If Turkish Cypriot they should enter their Kimlik card number.

4. Take your Will to the Court in your area, stopping on the way to purchase 46 lira in stamps, and an additional 2 lira if you are going in to replace an existing Will.

5. Take your passport with you. If you are replacing an existing Will take the paper with the previous reference number on, and if your have a different passport now to the one you had when you lodged the Will you are changing, take the old passport too.

6. The clerk will add the stamps and get you to sign over them.

7. If you replacing an existing Will s/he will destroy this in your presence. Then remove it from her record book.

8. The clerk will then issue you with a piece of paper with the relevant reference number that identifies your Will lodged with the court. Keep this with a copy of your Will in a safe place.

9. The clerk will then seal the envelope with your Will by using old fashioned melted red wax on the outside and the court stamp embedded in the wax.

10. Job done, your Will is now registered with the Court.

I personally have sent a copy of my Will and a copy of the Court reference number to my Executor. You may wish to do the same.

I am not legally qualified, I am simply telling you how I did it myself.

Pauline Ann Read

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