Multimax | My Choice of Internet Provider in North Cyprus

I stayed with Ayzanet/Extend Broadband until the bitter end. After 6 years I decided, on recommendation, to move to Multimax. There were performance issues with Extend which meant that Skype calls were difficult, particularly at weekends, and after several periods of no internet, when NCFP updating was impossible, I decided to move. When problems occurred I could not get through to Extend easily, even through Gwyn our intermediary. I was given reasons for poor connection such as “weather” even after days of sunshine and had to wait days sometimes for the connection to return. All these periods of non-connectivity were logged using a piece of software called Ping Monitor, just in case my complaints were challenged.

What convinced me that I’d done the right thing in moving to Multimax was the phone call I received from Extend on morning after my account expired. It was to notify me that their equipment was being collected, something they did within the hour. If their response to problems had been as quick then they wouldn’t have needed to have collect the equipment.

So, after a month of testing Multimax, I’m more than happy. I pay 80TL pm for 4Mbit download/2Mbit upload. I’ll check the speed now.

This increase in the paid-for speed was unknown for Extend where I rarely received the 2Mb/1Mb I paid for. Plus, this is costing me about the same as I was paying before. On top of this, without knowing it, I was now able to watch UK TV for free. I’ll have a check now and see if I can watch ITV 1 live.

Yes, that’s K-9, without buffering so that the film is very watchable.

So, after 1 month, I’m more than happy that I’ve moved from Extend to Multimax. This might not be true for other areas in North Cyprus but for Alsancak it has proved to be the right decision.

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