Money Art | November 2013 USA Market View

Money Art – November 2013 USA market view

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STOCKS.  In the 1-month category, the best three stocks are EDN @ 80%, ZLTQ @ 78% and IG @ 77%.

A stock trading on NYSE as an ADR, EDN belongs to the Utilities sector, Electric Utilities industry.  This Buenos Aires based company engages in the production, distribution and sales of electricity in Argentina.

With no news in USA, the stock price seems to have gone up mainly because in spite of Moody’s downgrade on Sept. 6, the stock went quickly up from $2.70 to $6.54 until Oct. 14, a bullish run which could not escape the attention of chartists.  In November everybody who watched the stock got two new technical breakouts, one on Nov. 4 and the other one on Nov. 15.  Cheap stocks are always monitored and are to be bought on breakouts after solid runs.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are DQ @ 301%, EDN @ 297% and FONR @ 263%.

In the YTD category the top three stocks are AAMC @ 784%, CSIQ @ 757% and GTN.A @ 510%.

The best three stocks in the 12-month category are AAMC @ 4,733%, CSIQ @ 991% and DQ @ 800%.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are CYNI @ –43%, BIOF @ –44% and NIHD @ –49%.

In the “What’s hot, what’s not” category, the five hottest stocks are ZOOM, JRJC, UVE, FRO and WTT; the five least hot stocks are BVX, RCKY, LOV, EDMC and UEPS.

SECTORS.  96 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory.

The top three winners are Lasers – Systems & Components, Medical – Nursing Homes and Electronis Products – Misc.  The three bottom sectors are ETFs – Real Estate, Biofuels and Building Products – Wood.

MUTUAL FUNDS.  The top performers this month are Direcxion Monthly China Bull 2X Fund Investor Class @ 16.93%, two of the Ultra Japan ProFund @ 16% and two of the Short Precious Metals ProFunds @ 11%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS.  The best three ETFs this month are Global X FTSE Portugal 20 ETF @ 5.62%, Dynamic Biotech & Genome Powershares @ 4.97% and SPDR S&P Biotech @ 4.66%.

FUTURES.  The top contracts are: (Currencies) British Pound @ 3.18%, (Energies) Natural Gas @ 8.63%, (Financials) 5-year T-note @ 0.22%, (Grains) Soybean Meal @ 13.53%, (Indices) Russell 2000 Mini @ 4.60%, (Meats) Milk @ 1.37%, (Metals) Palladium @ –2.95% and (Softs) Orange Juice @ 18.19%.

INDEXES.  The best three indexes are S&P Healthcare @ 3.47%, S&P Consumer Discretionary @ 3.08% and S&P Information Technology @ 3.01%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 2.59% this month.


            Relevant in November were titles like: “Fed’s Fisher says US Government bears blame for slow recovery”, “Buy on green and sell on red. Is it that easy?”, “Calls to raise taxes for the rich are growing”, “Why this market is not like 1999?”, “A hefty drop’s on the way: Nomura’s Janjuah”, “Race to mine Bitcoin gathers steam”, “Buffett was wrong about derivatives: Sandor”, “Smart money? Looks like it’s mom and pop”, “The ‘Fear Index’ as ‘Pain Index’”, “Report: IRS refunded $4B to identity thieves”, “The cure to costly climate change is … contraception”, “DOW ends at record high on light trade (Nov. 11)”, “The rush to coin virtual money with real value”, “Why the end of the year will be especially painful for gold”, “DOW, S&P end at record highs on Macy’s, Yellen (Nov. 13)”, “More taxpayers are abandoning the US”, “Tina Turner gives up US citizenship”, “”Clueless” Yellen will trigger collapse (hopefully): Peter Schiff”, “DOW, S&P500 close at new highs (Nov. 15)”, “S&P500 could be at 2,000 sooner than you think”, “ US stock indexes hit round-number milestone (Nov. 18)”, “Brace for a NASDAQ correction: Strategist”, “US in ‘permanent slump’: Krugman, Summers”, “’Right Now economy’ will power next wave in tech”, “Will Bitcoin gain acceptance?”, “Bubble talk? It’s just a bunch of hot air, says Ritholtz”, “Goldman predicts significant losses for gold, iron ore in 2014”, “Goldman: S&P could drop 10% sometime in 2014”, “DOW reclaims 16,000: better jobs news sends stocks higher (Nov. 21)”, “Why the NASDAQ is nowhere near a bubble”, “NASDAQ at 4,000: then and now (Nov. 25)”, “How Washington ruined Christmas”, “Stocks are headed even higher: Michael Holland”, “NASDAQ closes above 4,000 for the first time in 13 years”, “Why a downbeat America is bullish for stocks”, “DOW 20,000? Here is what it would take”, “DOW and S&P500 hit records, NASDAQ lifted by tech (Nov. 27)”, “Gold set for biggest loss in five months on US stimulus concerns”

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