Medikent Health Check in Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

E.R.Several months ago I went on the “Men’s Week” of medical checks organised by “Nurseawful” (Christine Offord). There was a full range of blood tests, x-rays, ultra sound, treadmill test, ECG plus several consultations with doctors. All the time supervised by the excellent Zalife who shepherded 3 of us through the day and because she speaks perfect English sorted any issues. For me the only issue was not unexpected; high cholesterol which is heading back on track with meds.

Since then I have been trying to persuade my other half to go for same. Eventually I arranged to meet Zalife over coffee and took my other half and a friend for a chat, ultimately booking us both in for a check up week last Wednesday. This time the guide was the lovely Huriye. Our friend had a couple of small issues which she will have investigated later,my other half had high cholestrol and early stages of osteoporosis for which meds have been prescribed.

More worrying, a mass was found on her ovary. Only has one after a hysterectomy 20 odd years ago. So more blood taken to check for “Big C” markers. Returned next day for the results and to see gynaecologist Dt Meliz Onbasioglu. A really nice lady who spent over 30 minutes with the help of Huriye describing what was found. Although blood tests were negative, Dt Meliz wanted to operate asap. So she arranged for surgery on Tuesday of this week, she felt it was that urgent.

Again with great efficiency the operation took place and afterwards Dt Meliz gave us full info regarding the surgery. It will be about 10 days to get the pathology results. My other half stayed until the following evening and throughout the 2 days was very well cared for by doctor and nurses. In addition Huriye went to room to make sure she was OK on several occasions. We were given a full brief of how to start the recovery process, what to eat, excercise etc and we were really amazed at the attention to detail. I did not even have to worry about food. I got fed and could have stayed overnight if wanted to.

I single out Dt Meliz for praise as the perfect model of what you would want from a consultant. I would consult her any time, except she is Gynaecology and Obstetrics! Also Huriye for her patience and promptness in dealing with any queries.

I did e-mail “Nurseawful” several times to pass on our thoughts so far, so I hope she reads this as I received no reply. She is the instigator of the health checks in conjunction with Medikent, a service has been provided that I feel is essential to a large number of us who have maybe become complacent with our sedentary life styles. A few TL spent now may save tens of thousands later. Other hospitals and clinics do offer similar services.

My point is not to tell you this tale but to learn from it. Who knows what is under, or even on your skin. For not a large sum you can have a medical check that possibly comes on a par to any you would get in UK for a fraction of the cost. For my other half the basic cost of the medical was about 750tl. The surgery with everything else added in came to just over 4,000tl.

Contact Huriye at Medikent for details at [email protected]
or 0392 224 0814

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