Local English language radio station – Radio Bayrak International

radioI know that many people say that they miss having up-to-date local news on the radio, something they perhaps took for granted in the UK. Well Radio Bayrak International 105.0 FM is a English language radio station which can be listened to online HERE. The music it plays is mainly English language pop, and there is very little chat between tracks, so maybe you might even like the music it plays too? It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer to access the station as there are apparently issues with Firefox. For those with the right connecting cables, you can even plug your laptop into your stereo system, as I do.

While on the subject of listening to radio on your PC, many people seem to think they should buy a digital radio in order to to listen to Terry Wogan on Radio 2. Not true! The same website used to access Radio Bayrak International can be used to play your local radio station in the UK  if you are getting a little bit homesick and want to hear about the traffic jams on the M25 and gloat about 3 weeks of incessant rain in the UK.

To do this, for the UK for example, click on this link  RadioTime and choose your local station or create another search. To play Radio Kent, type “BBC Kent” in the search bar and there you are, BBC Kent – 96.7 FM all ready to play. Have fun, hopefully this will keep you entertained for a while during this awful weather.

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