Is Turkey to become a target to weaken her power in the area?

Is Turkey to become a target to weaken her power in the area?Is Turkey going to be the target of a concerted attack to weaken her power in the area? Certainly relationships with Israel, Greece and the Republic of Cyprus are unstable if not downright unfriendly at times but the future may be worse according to a variety of sources.

One issue that is upsetting all these antagonistic neighbours is fossil fuel. For example, Israel is threatening that any interference by Turkey with its joint explorations with the RoC off Cyprus would meet its usual unequivocal response. War sabres rattle on all sides and Israel is now apparently seeking a military base in Paphos, perhaps to increase response times to any Turkish interference in its search for energy independence.

Then there is the tiny Greek island of Kastelorizo, 170 miles west of Cyprus and just one mile off the coast of Turkey.  Israel has accepted the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as shown in the image above and which combined with the EEZ of Cyprus makes it possible to transport Cypriot and Israeli natural gas to Western Europe without Turkish permission. Especially important as Turkey’s minister for energy, Taner Yıldız, announced that his government would not permit Israeli natural gas to transit Turkish territory.

Looks like troubles ahead.

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