How to watch UK TV for free in north Cyprus

theboxI hear many ex-pats asking about how they can watch UK TV in north Cyprus and in every case I point them to the website which I have successfully used for nearly two years now.  OK, you’re not going to get instant TV, which in many cases is good because of the jerky picture this often results in. If you are careful there are no costs and best of all, the downloads do not contain viruses.

So what do you need?

  • An internet connection with an unlimited download allowance
  • A decent PC screen to watch to TV programme on (or a connection from your PC to TV)
  • µTorrent software to download the TV programme
  • Software to watch the TV programme, e.g. Windows Media Player

How do I download last night’s Coronation Street then?

  • Download µTorrent from and install it
  • Sign up to The Box to receive your initial free 10Gb of downloads
  • On The Box go to BROWSE and search for Coronation Street
  • Click on the episode you want, and then click again where it says DOWNLOAD
  • Accept the download in µTorrent and wait while it downloads
  • In µTorrent, when it has downloaded, right click on Coronation Street and then on OPEN CONTAINING FOLDER
  • You now have the episode of coronation street which you can play and watch

So how is it free?

  • Many TV programmes are free and do not take from your allowance but if you leave them running so others can share them then your allowance usually goes up
  • If you leave TV programmes running and your allowance never goes too far below 10GB then you won’t have to buy extra Gbs

Try it out; if you don’t like it don’t use it again. If you’re having a problem post a comment here or better still read the instructions on The Box.

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