How to Build the Perfect Yoga Studio in North Cyprus

How to Build the Perfect Yoga Studio in North CyprusYoga is the perfect way to combat stress, tone up and really live an encouraging lifestyle. It’s no wonder that in recent years there have been so many people who have taken interest in the relaxing techniques of yoga in North Cyprus with all that it can do for the mind and body. Just imagine for a moment; the wind whispering through the trees, the natural scents of the world around you and the soft sounds of wildlife and nature all coming together as one as you practice this beautiful art in the great outdoors that North Cyprus has to offer. Even better, you can create your own indoor yoga studio and bring the best of nature, as well as that spiritual discipline, meditation and body healthiness inside with you and those who will be doing yoga in your very own studio.

Get Certified

Before you build your studio, you need to gain certification to be a yoga instructor. There are quite a few courses nationwide where you can take training classes for certification. Here are some classes offered in Cyprus.  Once you are certified, you will be well on your way to teaching class and opening your own studio. While many people rent studio space or teach yoga from their home, others have found it beneficial to have a yoga studio built where they can personalize everything from the ground up and really make the space everything that they envision for their studio.

Let Nature Guide You

When it comes to the aesthetics of how to build the perfect yoga studio, you really need to let nature guide you through the process. A simple concept that works well with yoga studios is to have the space as healthy and natural as possible. While vinyasa is a popular yoga presently, and working out in the gym appeals to many women and men, you can teach the latest and most popular yoga techniques in a studio that invites warmth and a feeling of calm far better than in a studio that is too busy with distractions from loud noises and obnoxious lighting. Keep things subtle to entice those you teach and to make sure they feel comfortable when in class. A yoga studio should feel sacred, yet inviting to those who are interested in the great benefits that come along with taking a class and being part of an invigorating health choice that will guide their body and mind through life.

Constructing the Studio

When it comes to the actual construction of the yoga studio, you are going to need to sit down and really take into consideration the way you want the walls, floors, paint and other details. This includes the materials that will be used by the contractors for the actual build. In many yoga studios, clay walls work best as they are mold-resistant, non-dusting and natural. A cushioned wood grain floor will help absorb sound while also preventing injuries during class. The paints you use should be free of chemicals that will not work well with the environment or paints that have heavy fumes or chemicals that could affect breathing. Those who enjoy yoga need to be able to breathe freely and making sure the chemical compounds in the studio are hazard free is important. Don’t forget to talk with a plumbing company to make a station for drinking water because staying hydrated is one of the fundamentals of yoga.

The Senses

Your studio should embrace the senses by allowing everyone to see and hear peaceful sights and sounds. There is something that is just calming about the beautiful sounds of birds chirping, water rushing over a fall, the ocean or other melodies heard solely in nature. North Cyprus has so many possibilities to build a yoga study combines with nature in the mountains by a river or overlooking the ocean. You need to refrain from loud noises that can distract and this includes loud air conditioning or heating units, loud music coming from a hip-hop class or a spin class or other loud noises that could be intrusive and disturb meditation or other classes. Making sure that walls are properly insulated for sound as well as maintaining a peaceful environment is going to be vital to the success of your yoga studio. When it comes to sight, you may want to stick with natural substances such a natural clays, flowering plants and natural woods throughout the studio. Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to truly enhance the senses and arouse the mind to a new level of thinking for a healthier mind and body.

While you may envision a large studio with several rooms for different functions, it may be best to start small, even if you have a large property and build your way up to a larger studio over time. Start with one or two rooms for holding class so you can see what you may need over time. Before the studio is built it is also a good idea to start building your clientele up from the ground up so you will have students who will come to the studio for instruction. A studio is great and can be your very own temple or your personal joy of sorts, but to ensure that your temple is all that you have dreamed of, you need to be able to fill it and keep it filled with those who want to learn and practice the beautiful art of yoga.

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