Help North Cyprus Free Press at a CLICK!

Recent changes to protect NCFP have led to extra costs which we would like to cover without a single reader donating a penny to us. To this end we are going to introduce a number of links in the left column which with only a single click could lead to NCFP raising much needed finances.

The first of these is from By clicking on the link in the right column and ordering something from Amazon means that up to 5% of the value of your order will be donated to NCFP. It costs you nothing and I think you’ll find that prices are competitive. It doesn’t matter if you already have an account, it’s clicking the link that makes the money for NCFP. If you were very dedicated then you could even ask friends and family to click before the order from

As you can see we have £31.11 in the account at the moment and when it reaches £30 or more we’ll get paid.

For US readers only try the link below the UK one on the left

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