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Harmony Homes – Complaint about waste materials being a danger to our health

I write on behalf of the residents at the 23 properties on the Harmony Homes site, near Güzelyalı Beach, opposite Titanic and other night clubs, on the road between Karsiyaka and Gecikoy.

We have always suffered the problem of night club noise pollution for which you do not appear to have any control or be be concerned about. But we now feel totally abused by a waste treatment activity, presumably run by yourselves, to the rear of our site on the original mountainside road.

Small lorries bring household waste to a chute where it is transferred into a large container trailer. This is a very noisy activity often conducted during the early hours of the morning. Much of the waste spills over and blows around the processing site and beyond. Whilst this is untidy it is also very smelly, fouling the air on our site and no doubt attracting vermin which will be a danger to our health. This activity has been added to what appears to be a general rubbish dump for waste building materials, lumps of concrete etc, etc. Which has been developing over the past three years.

What was once a beautiful valley is rapidly falling foul of total abuse and we are sitting right in the middle of it! We are not responsible for this mess and danger to health. But we do believe you are very much involved in this activity and hence responsible for dealing with it.

We pay our bills to fulfil living here with local government facilities, practises and law being upheld. So, apart from feeling totally abused, we are very concerned for our health and believe you need to respond in a manner to make us satisfied that we and the local countryside are not being endangered.

Please reply to let us know what is and will be done about this complaint.

Thank you.

Sheila Brougham

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