Great Information for Moving Your Motorcycle to North Cyprus

Great Information for Moving Your Motorcycle to North Cyprus

Once you decide to ship your motorcycle to North Cyprus you will most likely do a quick search online to locate a company. When you start your search you are going to find out pretty fast that there are thousands of motorcycle transport companies listed and that almost all of them promise the same things. A great price, excellent customer service and safe shipping standards. Suddenly, the search for a reliable shipper becomes daunting and can be very confusing. To help you narrow the search down a bit, you may need a little advice on how to get the motorcycle moved the best way possible. Visit for a free quote.


Great Tips On Locating a Reliable Motorcycle Shipper

Take your time and really research companies. When it comes to having a motorcycle moved by a professional shipper, this is going to be one of the most important things you can do. Take your time and really check out each company that interests you. Check the reviews left on their business websites by previous customers and also check transport reviews and with other well-known and trusted organizations. The BBB is a good place to start as you can check and see if the company has had any formal complaints and if so, how they handled them. You will also want to check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to verify whether the company is licensed and registered with the DOT and if they have a safe transport history. The company should also have a Motor Carrier (MC) and DOT number if they are a carrier. If you are using a broker, the broker will not have a DOT number but should be able to provide you a number for any carrier they recommend to you.

Safety Matters. Motorcycle shipping is something that must be handled with care to ensure safety for the motorcycle during shipment. Whether you own a brand new Harley Davidson or a vintage Eagle, you want to make sure it stays in great shape the entire time it is out of your site. You need to ask the company how long they have been in business, how many motorcycles they ship monthly and how they secure motorcycles for shipment. Most companies will place the motorcycle in a crate and use soft straps that will not damage paint during shipment. Safety is paramount to the overall life of the motorcycle and is something that matters above all else.

A Firm Price. When you get a quote, be sure that it is competitive but don’t choose a company based on the price. Some companies will offer a price that seems very low but will add extra fees on after they give the quote. Be sure the quote is all inclusive when the agent gives you one and request to have it in writing via email or fax. You have to watch out for companies that will not put a quote in writing or will not provide an all-inclusive price to ship the motorcycle.

How Motorcycle Transport Is Handled

Transport of a motorcycle can be handled with a few varied options.

Door to Door

The most common way for as private motorcycle owner to ship is going to be with door to door shipping services. When you ship this way, the driver will pick the motorcycle up and drop it off at your address. If you have a narrow road or your address is on a road that restricts large trucks, the company will work with you to make arrangements to pick up or deliver to a nearby parking lot or interstate ramp where the truck can easily load or unload.

Dock to Dock

Motorcycle dealers will usually ship dock to dock from their business to another motorcycle dealership. Private owners may also be able to use a local dealers address to have their bike shipped from to go to another dealership. Dock to dock shipping is usually less expensive than shipping door to door.

Terminal to Terminal

Making arrangements to have a driver pick the motorcycle up at a shipping terminal or deliver to a terminal can really save some money on shipping costs. If you plan to ship to or from a shipping terminal you will need to ask the company that you hire if they have a terminal located in the state that you are shipping to or from. If they do not, you will most likely need to make other arrangements for shipping.

Flatbed or Enclosed Trailer

When you hire a professional motorcycle shipping company you will also need to decide whether to ship on a flatbed or open air trailer or inside of a sealed enclosed trailer. Most motorcycles are shipped with enclosed transport as this is the safest way to ship a motorcycle. Enclosed transport keeps motorcycles safe from the elements including road debris, vandals and other issues that can damage the surface area of a motorcycle.

Flatbed or open air transport is a less expensive shipping option but your bike will be fully exposed to the elements during shipment. In many instances, bikes are crated before they are placed on a flatbed or inside of an enclosed trailer for transport. Crated bikes are placed on pallets for shipment and if this option is utilized, the fluids will need to be drained and the battery must be disconnected prior to shipping.

Get The Bike Ready

Shipping Prep

Motorcycles need to be prepared for shipment before the driver arrives. This means that you need to make sure it is clean, fluids drained if applicable and tires and brakes must be in good condition for loading and unloading. You should also have a copy of the shipping agreement and the insurance certificate or other proof of insurance pertaining to transport. Be sure to keep all important paperwork together so you will have it for your records.

Once the motorcycle arrives at the destination, you will be able to enjoy the fact that you had it shipped with ease and there is no wear and tear on the bike that could drop the value or cause undue repairs or maintenance fees. Whether your motorcycle sits in a garage or you ride it every single day, keep in mind that you have something that many others only dream about and be sure to enjoy it as much, and as often, as possible. One of the first steps to keeping it safe for years to come is working with a reliable motorcycle shipper to get it where you need it safely and on time. Happy riding!

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