Free advertising for local businesses in North Cyprus

A problem with the NCFP Classified Ads website led us to rethink this facility. Because the site was filling up with diverse ads, especially those selling mobile phones outside of North Cyprus, we have now decided to instead advertise only registered businesses in North Cyprus and to do so using the space currently taken up by the Classified Ads link in the top of right column.

This involves the use of a rotating advert system whereby each time the front page is loaded a different advert will appear linked to a page prepared by the advertiser. Each advertiser will initially have this page shown as a “Latest Story” on the front page and after time will be accessible either by clicking on the “Local Businesses” link along the top of the front page or else by clicking the rotating logo when it appears.

If you are interested in this free advertising offer, and you are a registered North Cyprus business, contact us at

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