North Cyprus Law | What Does the Legal Term ‘’Hearing’’ in Court Mean?

North Cyprus Law | What Does the Legal Term ‘’Hearing’’ in Court Mean?What does the legal term ‘’Hearing’’ in court mean?

Technically speaking, according to the Civil and Criminal procedure in the TRNC there is a long path to be taken before you would be able to obtain a hearing date for your main case from the court. Of course hearings of applications within your case, i.e. hearings of injunction applications (Interim orders) etc may be done before the main case hearing. Civil cases usually take more time than criminal cases. A hearing in court, BRIEFLY and USUALLY, inter alia, would mean that the court hears firstly the plaintiff’s witnesses and all the relevant evidence and exhibits are put in front of the court by them. Then the defendant’s witnesses would be heard and they would also do the same and put in there relevant evidences and exhibits. Once this has been done the closing speeches to the court would be made by both parties of the case or their Advocates, and the judge would then be able to give the judgement.

The manner in which the witnesses would be examined and the speeches would be heard in a hearing is a subject I shall write about at another stage. Unfortunately obtaining a ‘’hearing date’’ from the court for the main case would usually mean that you or your advocate has gone through a lot of written applications and/or procedures and have been in and out of court for a long time. Most cases in the TRNC are settled before the hearing date has been set and a judgement from the court can be obtained because of a settlement. But you usually wouldn’t be able to settle the case if you don’t file it at all….

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