Fed up with your TRNC Property Problem being ignored?

It was watching “HildySmith”’s posts on Cyprus44 disappear from view as she desperately tried to keep the issues surrounding Hasan Sungur’s  Incesu Villas in the public eye. Like all such posts, after a short while they disappear and posters move onto the next issue of the day.

Well, 3Cyprus Forum is different. There, if you are not happy with your Builder, Landowner, mortgaging Bank or Advocate then you can start a thread with a Poll. This means that other readers can vote and comment on their experience of Akfinans Bank, for example.

The way this works is that first you register at www.3cyprus.com and then after activating the email you’re sent you go 3CF and choose the “Discussion & Polls about Banks involved in TRNC Property Problems” Child Board.

If a thread has already been started, e.g. about Akfinans Bank, then you just vote in the Poll and leave a comment.

However, if you want to start a new thread then just follow these instructions:

If you want to comment on an entire site, e.g. Hasan Sungur’s Incesu Villas, then use the [List of TRNC Property Problem Sites] board and either comment on an existing thread (Topic) or start another.

Go on give it a go and keep your problem in the public eye for as long as the www.3cyprus.com forum remains in existence.

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