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Cyprus Property Victims

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I have just received this acknowledgement of my signature on the Petition organised to try to stop Alpha Bank from auctioning/repossessing the homes of our fellow victims in the RoC.

I have no problem in giving my full support to these fellow victims, who in all innocence thought that South Cyprus was a safe place to purchase their holiday or retirement homes. It is important to point out that it is not just foreigners who are being affected by this property scam but also Greek Cypriots too.

In many ways the laws both sides of the border have allowed this to happen. Certainly there seems to be no duty of care where the legal profession is concerned and no culpabliity as far the offending Banks are concerned.

Many Greek Cypriots will argue that the situation in the North is different, that in fact the foreigners tried to cash in on the cheapness of the property there and whatever happened to them is there own fault. That most of us who believed the assurances by the Government here will be tossed aside and we will be told, we should have known better. Whatever your opinion is, it cannot excuse the Banks taking advantage and giving mortgages on land that had already been sold. Their lack of diligence in assessing the suitablity or the provenance of the land taken as security show a lack of proper care when advancing the money the banks have been entrusted with by its investors/shareholders and account holders. The fact that the North is about 30 years behind the south in development, growth, amenities and infrastructure is the real reason prices are cheaper. But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good bit of propoganda.

Now look at the South. What can their excuse be? They claim to be a modern, sophisticated, forward looking member of the European Union. There is no excuse, except maybe, nepotism, cronyism and greed. They may claim all the former attributes, but when it comes down to it, the latter shows its ugly face every time. In this, be it North or South Cyprus, there are a few people in positions of power causing these problems and that power will need to be prised from their hands, one finger at a time.

Never give in never give up.


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