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Turkey Visa ChangesConsumer News – Turkey Visa Changes From April 2014

If you are intending visiting Turkey from April 2014 please be aware that there are Turkey Visa Changes coming into being as from 17th April 2014. Currently many people are able to buy a tourist visa when they arrive at the Turkish border but as from that date they will no longer be able to do this. There are two options available but not for everyone:

  1. buy an e-visa in advance online, which you download and print off;
  2. apply for a visa from the nearest Turkish Consulate in your home country.

The e-visa is the cheapest option but this is not available to all nationalities. The link below lists visa requirements for each country:

There is some inconsistency across the EU, with UK passport holders needing a visa and French and Germans not needing one for visits up to 90 days. The cost is $20 (£13), up from the £10 it costs now. On top of that if you haven’t got one of the few fee free credit cards, you have to pay a currency conversion fee.

Please be careful to use only the official Turkish government web site at as there are scam sites which are agencies who make applications for you but charge a lot of money.

Be warned that anyone without a visa will not be allowed to board flights to Turkey after this date!

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