Baking in a bread machine

breadI guess it was the flu that got me thinking about one particular benefit of baking your own bread. It was the thought of all those sniffling people handling the bread in the local supermarket in Alsancak which made self-baked bread a little more attractive.

Out came the bread machine I’d brought with me from the UK and soon I began to wonder why I’d not done this before.


  • 320ml warm water
  • 500g flour
  • salt, a little oil and of course yeast
  • something for flavour, e.g. I use sundried tomatoes in oil and basil from the garden

As I use dried yeast, my first job was to activate it in a little of the warm water with an added pinch of sugar. Whilst this was activating I put the rest of the water into the pan that comes with the machine, and the salt and flour and then the flavouring ingredients. By the time this had been done the yeast was ready for adding. That’s it folks. Put the pan into the machine, set it to bake, press the button and forget about in until the machine tells you the bread is ready! The villa fills with the smell of baking bread and there is no need to put the oven on. All you need to do now is to stop yourself from eating the bread before it cools a little!

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