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This Cemetery Price List, or as my researcher described it ‘menu,’ has to be read and reread to make sure it is not a joke. It is dated the 1st of April, so it could be.

Why would there be a difference of £1000.00 to be buried in a mixed faith plot, than your designated faith plot. However if you want a front row, you all pay the same (do not laugh) I am being DEADLY serious. Probably not a subject you would wish to dwell on, but can there really be a difference? I am sure some politically correct person will invent a name for this.

Clearly there will always be a living to be made from death and clearly the fact that you are dead does not exclude you from the opportunists of this world.

I guess the new owner will be laughing all the way to the bank, but on the day of judgement, will she still be laughing?

Personally, they can seal me in a black bin liner and throw me over the wall, but I guess environmental health might have something to say about that.

Ann D Pandy

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