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This article is about North Cyprus. Tatlisu has in the past been somewhere I pass through on the way to the Karpas when I visit Dolores the donkey and her family. Never again will it be so. Tatlisu is so beautiful I cannot believe it has taken me almost six years of living in North Cyprus to discover this fact.

On Saturday, after visiting with Izzet and seeing first hand the wonderful scenery around his home and the views from Greenhills, Izzet took me and Pembe to the Tatlisu Belediyesi Zambak Tatilkoyu, or for those of you who do not speak Turkish Tatlisu Municipality Holiday Village.

There is a wonderful restuarant within the village where we ate. The food is typical Turkish Cypriot and delicious. The fish is so fresh, as you take a mouthful, it could almost bite you back. The restaurant has the capacity to cater for 200 people indoors and 600 people outdoors. It is situated right on the seafront and again the views have that ‘wow’ factor.

Also within the complex are holiday bungalows with the option of a bungalow for a couple (so romantic) or for families. The choice is yours. You may go there as a couple and the romance factor may take you back in the future as a young family. As an older lady, I would love to stay in one of the bungalows with the man in my life, after all he has already proved how ‘agile’ he is!

Tatlisu has so much going for it now. The roads have been upgraded and are so improved it now only seems a short distance from anywhere else on the island. It would make a perfect centre for a holiday where, with a car, you can explore the rest of what beautiful North Cyprus has to offer.

Tatlisu is certainly making itself very attractive not only as a stopover on the way to somewhere else but also as a destination in itself, perfect for those of us who just want to unwind and take a couple of weeks to ‘chill out’.

I would make one suggestion to the Muhtar of Tatlisu. Get involved with helping those foreign visitors who have chosen to buy their homes, or holiday homes in your municipality. Lobby at Government level for justice for them. Your guests may not have been born in Tatlisu but the Turkish Cypriot way is to help guests. Your guests need your help and the help of everyone in Tatlisu. I promise you, your fellow citizens in Tatlisu and your guests can only benefit from helping each other.

As a final rider to this write up, I must tell you that whilst eating in this idylic setting, the manager of the restaurant apporached me, he had seen the copy of Cyprus Today on the table and thought I worked for the newspaper. He wanted to advertise the many festivals held at Tatlisu, and indeed I will be telling you about those in future articles. What I really want to share with you now is the fact that he told us his name was Harry. Pembe looked at me, and I could just see the cogs going round in her mind, she was thinking ‘no, you cannot be, you are much more attractive than Harry the spider!’


Holiday Village
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