Coalition Partner Withdraws Causing TRNC Government Collapse

Coalition Partner Withdraws Causing TRNC Government CollapseThis is not a complicated story. The North Cyprus Government was formed, in effect, from a coalition of two parties – the election winners (CTP-UG) and the losers (UBP). Turkey has always favoured the right-wing UBP over the left-wing CTP. Turkey wanted the government to sign what is known as the Protocol for Economic and Financial Cooperation but the TRNC government wanted to negotiate provisions such as changes to the judiciary, the privatization of the electricity authority (KIB-TEK) and the granting of citizenship to thousands of settlers from Turkey. Because of this Turkey held up payment to the government which caused salaries not to be paid. The UBP withdrew from government saying that it was because of salary non-payment and said they would reform a government, sign the protocol, get the money and everything would be back to normal.

Next time round, of course, Turkey will want more for their money. Only one point really. What happens if the north enters the EU because of a successful referendum? Oh, I forgot, that will never happen so Turkey gets to rule the north.

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