Avaaz Pressure Group | Stop the Rape Epidemic

Avaaz Pressure Group - Stop the Rape EpidemicAvaaz Pressure Group – Stop the Rape Epidemic

When I first saw the pictures of the two innocent Indian women hanging from a tree, I felt ill. How much worse then is the suggestion put out that ‘sometimes rape is right’, because they are actually giving permission to those evil people to go right ahead and rape innocents and then murder them. Hard to believe this is the 21st century.

We find it hard to understand the caste system for any human, how much harder must it be to be a woman of the lower caste?

If you do nothing else today, I urge you to sign this petition:

Sign the Petition

In a world where half the population are women there are only just over half a million signatures, come on let us improve on this.

If we don’t try to help these women and ensure they did not die in vain, then who? I have read this is common place in India, that indeed this is not the first time such an atrocity has taken place. We cannot prevent what has gone before, but we can try to prevent it happening for much longer in the future. If the Government of India do not care, let us show that WE do. SIGN THE PETITION, I should not even have to say please, but I do…PLEASE.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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