Alsancak Belediyesi | No One Came | Kimse Geldi

Alsancak Belediyesi | No One Came | Kimse GeldiAlsancak Belediyesi – No One Came | Kimse Geldi

We returned from the UK two weeks ago but were unaware that two weeks previously our mains water had stopped and it was not until last Wednesday (22/1/2014) that we discovered this. We phoned Alsancak Belediyesi and gave them our details and were told ’10 minutes.’ We weren’t sure what that meant so we waited. As you can guess:

Wednesday (22/1/2014) – no one came – Kimse Geldi

On Thursday (23/1/2014) we visited Alsancak Belediyesi and saw a man who doesn’t usually deal with water problems and he phoned a ‘water technician’ and was told they would be at our house at 12 noon, as you can guess:

Thursday (23/1/2014) – no one came – Kimse Geldi

Next day we went to Alsancak Belediyesi again and this time the lady who usually deals with water problems was there and she took our details again and phoned the water technician. She was told that he would be there in the afternoon but as you can guess:

Friday (24/1/2014) – no one came – Kimse Geldi

Over the weekend we cut back on water use and watched the water level drop to near zero. I checked the pipes the other side of the meter, hoping it was just a blockage, but no water was flowing.

Monday (27/1/2014) we will try again and report back to you.


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