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North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus TodayGirne ‘People’s Coast’ revamp – there are plans to “reclaim the Mediterranean’ along the 16km of Girne coastline. The plans include decking and other means to make beaches accessible. Editor: have they only just fallen in that more accessible beaches = more tourists?

Beach-users act against charges – Barak Cultural Centre members took to Lara Beach in Çatalköy and protested against charges being applied to those only using the beach and no other facilities. According to Article 38 of the Constitution every “citizen” has the right to enter the first 100m of a beach without obstruction or charge. A fine of up to 25,000TL and a year in prison could be given to anyone “not adhering to this.” Editor: it is also illegal to drive a motor cycle without a crash helmet but the next time you go for a drive count how many people don’t have one on. This shows you that laws are applied selectively and wearing a crash helmet, beach charges and property fraud seem to be ignored, however if you are an foreigner and you steal a mobile phone…

Bail for tourist after theft of mobile phone – a British tourist arrested for stealing a mobile phone from a hotel room has been remanded on bail and had his travel documents confiscated.

Bodies found after refugee boat capsizes – 4 adults and 2 children died off the Karpaz when a speedboat carrying Syrian refugees capsized. A 7th refugee is missing, presumed dead. Five men have been arrested and taken into custody, two of whom were on the boat carrying 9 people in total. One of the two people smugglers survived 27 hours wearing children’s armbands and there is speculation about whether these were put on before the children drown.

Turkish Cypriots speak out in support of Nadir – the emphasis of the text seems to be that “Greek Cypriots fought long and hard to make him guilty” and that he had done a lot for the TRNC and that “not supporting Mr Nadir in the face of such injustice is tantamount to treachery.” Editor: I guess pointing out that the UK judge and members of jury looked at the evidence and decided that it was theft, would be over-simplifying the case?

‘I will destroy the property regime‘ – says Cafer Gürcafer who thinks he can sue Turkey for allowing him to buy Greek Cypriot title property. He left for the south owing £1m, according to Provident Fund Director Mehmet Metcioğlu. Editor: the fact that he was the head of the Construction Contractors’ Union does seem to indicate he and his members were not ignorant of the Greek Cypriot title issue when they built houses. I wonder if the £1m debt has anything to do with it?



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