in Cyprus Today | 25/8/2012

North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus TodaySo guess what is not on the front page of this newspaper published by Asil Nadir?

Parent on run escape to TRNC – several families have been forced to flee from UK social services and believe the TRNC is a safe haven. Editor: safe for the children? What if the UK social service assessment is correct, and the children are at risk. Who will monitor the situation here?

Apart from that article, on the front page there is a repeat of Wednesday’s ‘Tatar car was bought by drug baron’ article and one about a Turkish Cypriot restaurant in Lewisham, London.

Expats are leaving due to ‘inequality’ – because of property problems and the lack of a vote according to the BRS. Marian Stokes seems to disagree and says itis either health or not seeing grandchildren enough. Editor – I agree with Marion Stokes.

Foreign residents’ interest in Özersay’s cause – 600 people signed its ‘social contract.’ Nigel Watson asked him what he could do for non-Turkish Cypriots and he ‘received positive answers.’ Editor: ‘positive answers’ which were too vague to explain by the sound of it!

Asil Nadir still retains faith in British justice – because he believes he’ll be found innocent at the Appeal. Editor: a big thing was made of the fact that 20 years ago the lead investigator on the case was found guilty of lying about taking and copying documents in a sealed envelope. However, she had nothing to do with the current case. She was awarded a CBE in 2007 – could this be evidence of a conspiracy, NOT!

Petrol price has gone up again – around 13 kuruş or 5p a litre. Unleaded 97 Octane is 3.02 TL, about £1.06.

South in uproar at ‘cheaper’ potatoes – last year Turkish Cypriots sold 2,000 tonnes of potatoes across the Green Line to the south but this year southern growers staged a mass demonstration to prevent this happening again. Despite EU officials allegedly monitoring the quality of the potatoes, Greek Cypriots are accusing the north of selling unfit potatoes cheaply. Greek Cypriots want the potatoes to be clearly marked so they can be boycotted.

Ancient Sipahi ruins facing destruction – priceless mosaics in the Karpaz are left to deteriorate due to lack of funds.

Hatch of the day – turtle hatching time at Güzelyali beach.


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