North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Today 25/1/2012

North Cyprus News | North Cyprus Free PressDeal agreed to end blackouts – The power row that has left the TRNC in darkness is over after the government and union bosses thrashed out a deal last night.The Prime Minister Irsen Küçük agreed not to privatise the Kib-Tek electricity authority but instead to make it an autonomous organisation. An agreement was also reached for protesters to go back to work immediately.

Car dealership pulls the plug- One of the TRNC’s biggest dealerships Haci Ali Motors has pulled out of car sales. This is because of the increasing level of competition, low level of profitability and lack of initiatives to promote the sector. Pages 10 and 11 – ‘Dealerships at a standstill’ – saying they can’t survive without any support from the government. The dealers say it is in both their interests with the government set to make a killing from the tax on sales alone.

Telecom workers end five day walk out – The Telecommunications Workers Union (Tel-Sen) ended their five day strike on Monday after five days of chaos across the country. The Council of Ministers had banned the strike for 60 days, forcing the union to rethink its opposition to a controversial privatisation. Internet providers were inundated with customer enquiries as they relied on limited connection via one cable from Turkey.

Privatisation protests planned – Trade unions are preparing to hold a major rally on Monday to show their opposition to the privatisation Bill. Officials of the Trades Union Platform were meeting last night to hammer out the details of what would be happening on Monday as well as a “plan of action” for future protests. The Teachers Union general secretary said “All unions are continuing to put their views forward on whether this will be a rally or whether there will in addition be a general strike. We are strongly opposed to any plans to privatise Turkish Cypriot owned institutions.”

Mausoleum to be built for founding president – A mausoleum is set to be built at the grave of founding TRNC President Rauf Denktaş, It will face the monument honouring the Turkish Resistance Organisation which he helped found.

TRNC to receive billion TL aid – The TRNC will be getting more than a billion TL in Turkish aid this year. This figure has soared to 1.09billion tl from 833 million last year with new plans to increase tourism, help small businesses and invigorate the agricultural and industrial sectors.

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