in Cyprus Today – 30/11/2011

Opening Ports is ‘crucial’ to peace – ‘a landmark Turkish 0ffer to open its ports’. Editor: no, just a repeat of a previously refused offer as in

Gas and oil dig heads ashore to Gazi Mağusa – old news that Turkey is going to look for oil and gas in North Cyprus

Union calls on public to join its black-out protest – by turning off your electric at 9:05pm tonight. This is in response to the 25% price rise this month.

Former CTA employees’ threat to boycott census – and protest illegally outside the former CTA HQ on 4th December when they should be indoors. This is because they haven’t been given other state jobs as promised.

Pensioners left waiting to receive their payments – because government hasn’t got enough to pay them. Allegedly the government are looking for a 15m TL bank loan to tide them over. Editor: I wonder what interest rates they’ll be given?

PM Kücük: “the TRNC economy is in a good place”Editor: this surely can’t be the same place the unpaid TRNC pensioners are living in?

Hunter loses right eye after shooting – shot by another hunter

Netting the benefits of our online presence – Multimax explains how the new infrastructure they have installed has allowed them to offer higher speeds. Editor: just signed up for the 4Mb/2Mb service and a recent test shows 10Mb/3Mb

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