in Cyprus Today – 29/10/2011

Robb properties set for auction – 4 Aga Construction properties are to come up for auction on 27th November and the proceeds used to pay a Turkish Cypriot who loaned Robb money. Advocate Munir Akil says that he found out about his clients’ properties being auctioned on Thursday and he would be contacting them within the next week. There are believed to be 26 memorandums on the Karaman site and that Robb had syphoned off £35m from property victims. An auction of similar properties apparently went unnoticed in Bellapais several months ago. The HBPG spokesperson said that this could mean that other properties may have been auctioned off and property victims would have been unaware of this.

Strike to bring country to a standstill – on Monday.

Green light for property organisation to carry on – for another 2 years. As already noted in NCFP, the IPC will be accepting GC claims for property left in the north. A similar organisation does not exist in the south.

Time for airline investors to stump up cash – investors in North Cyprus Airlines are being asked for the $60m they pledged. NCA are expected to start flying paying passengers at some point in time.


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