Ozy’s Taxis North Cyprus – a personal north cyprus taxi recommendation

A short while back Malcolm invited taxi drivers to let NCFP know their prices for a pick up from Larnaca. Our son was coming to visit and as he discovered airfares to Ercan to be prohibitive he booked to Larnaca. Robin’s accident recently made us very concerned that we hire a reliable and safe taxi service.

We chose Ozy’s taxis, £50 each way. The taxi was at Larnaca waiting for him on his arrival. The transfer was smooth but the next day our son discovered he had mislaid his expensive iphone. After searching everywhere he rang Ozy in case it had slipped out of his pocket in the taxi. Ozy was on a fare but said he would call him back. He did and yes it had slipped under the seat. Not only had he found it but also brought it up to the house for him. You can imagine how relieved our son was.

Our son then returned to Larnaca to meet friends, no extra charge for changing his destination from the airport to an address which was more difficult to find. He also commented that Ozy was a very good driver and a very nice ‘bloke’ whom he would recommend to anyone.

I know recommendations go a long way in the TRNC and I don’t recommend anyone unless they are worth it.

Ozy’s taxis 0533 865 6305   email: [email protected]

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