Google+ Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus

Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus

Saturday, July 30, 2011
- by Name & Address Supplied

We1x1.trans Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprusll folks, those of you who have just been reading Fevzi’s article on the arrest of a same sex couple, accused of doing what comes naturally to them, are going to love this little gem sent to me by my researcher in London.

Is there a more hypocritical state on this planet? Or is there some devious plot afoot. Could it be that gay couples are being lured here to be arrested and create more job opportunities for the legal profession? Let’s face it; conveyancing is definitely not bringing in any revenue. How are the poor going to keep putting jam on their bread and butter?

On a more serious note, this has to be a most unsafe destination for anyone who is gay.

Do not buy in Cyprus; do not spend your hard earned money on a holiday in North Cyprus until they get the property and gay issue sorted. A homophobic state is a disgrace to the modern world.

Don’t you just love it.


1x1.trans Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus
1x1.trans Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus

15 Responses to “Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus”

  1. miltiades

    Abusive or Inflammatory Comment - click SHOW to read: Show

    The most homophobic, occupied part of the world, not a state, which indicates that this part of Cyprus occupied by an increasingly funamental Islamic nation is going nowhere. A puppet “state” ruled by a third world nation.More than half of the T/Cs have left, some vowing never to return, the new citizens are Anatolians and cheapskates !!!
    You know Im right….
  2. Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, you’re a very poor excuse for a human being.

    You know I’M right….


  3. Miltiades

    Abusive or Inflammatory Comment - click SHOW to read: Show

    Ian I’m going to address you in a civil fashion
    Please explain which part of my comments you find either false, out of touch, ludicrous , bizarre or …. Clownish !!
    The northern part of cyprus Is universally recognised as a part if the ROC under Turkish occupation, now if you or the other brain dead cheapskates dissagree that’s tough luck
    You invested in the occupied parts of cyprus administered by a regime that is fastly becoming a fundamental Islamic nation, that’s what I said , do tell me which of my stated views are false or shut up because you are far too stupid to debate!
    Plonker !
  4. polly

    If you are accused of a crime against nature, does nutre have to be the complainant.

    I have made ‘pinknews’ aware of this ridiculous charge and urged them to read these articles on NCFP>

  5. polly

    NATURE sorry

  6. Sylvie

    Militiades, referring to your 1st posting where you mention “Anatolians”and one assumes you mean “settlers”. Is this not a weary argument? When the majority of these people arrived in Northern Cyprus back in 75-77, those eligible for citizenship did not take it up and returned to Turkey. There was no political motivation on their part(you will tell me different), if indeed they even knew where Cyprus was and those that stayed were not given the title deeds to the properties they were given, as I understand it, you can correct me on that.

    I understand the principal of Cypriots to keep using this as part of their annoyance to the situation but when do you move on when those that are left have married Turkish Cypriots, had their own children etc. Northern Cyprus is such a mixed bag now as is the South so if it didn’t happen then it would have happened now surely.

    Militiades I do not own a property in Northern Cyprus but did live in Northern Cyprus back in end 96 – 99.

    Sorry to everyone else this is probably not the right thread to ask this question.


  7. had enough

    I was going to write on the “topic” but as you have allowed the clown to set you all off topic, what is the f***ing point.

    You might as well call this Milly’s forum and forget anything useful because you always follow his lead.

  8. polly

    Well HE instead of going off on one/ lead by example and put your post as if the rest had not happened/

    I have written to Pink News to make them aware of what is happening here and I have advised them to read the articles here/ Will be interesting to see if any one from there comments

    Tourism/ this govt. could not organise a piss up in a brewery/

  9. Julie

    ‘Had Enough’

    There are two lads probably being held in a prison cell, without food, water, or a toilet, like the British Lady who had health problems – who was accused of stealing a pot of paint and found innocent.

    Will these two young men have to suffer even more?

  10. polly

    Julie, the actions of the police and the govt. here.. It is not so long ago we were reading about a police officer allegedly savagely inserting an object into the anus of a suspect causing unblievable damage, what gives them the right to judge anyone, what could be more of a crime against nature than that.

    The whole place is out of control.


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