in Cyprus Today – 28/5/2011

Water bills on the Rise – Water bills could be more than double in Esentepe and jump by at least 20% in Girne. Esentepe Municipality chiefs said they were looking to put up charges to cover the increasing cost of supplying water to a growing population. Girne said it was simply looking to increase charges in line with other municipalities. Officials said it could deter people from using water irresponsibly. The rises come 3 months after the government increased VAT on water – pushing up municipality bills. 

Positive outlook for Denktaș – There was better news of veteran Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktaș yesterday. Doctors had reported his condition as “critical” on Thursday as a respiratory problem complicated his treatment following an embolic stroke. They also confirmed Mr Denktaș could have died when he suffered a brain haemorrhage on Tuesday. Finn Rasmussen, part of a medical team treating Mr Denktaș at Near East University Hospital, told reporters on Thursday “Lung respiration deteriorated during the day. His condition is stable but critical.” The lung complication had “reversed the positive outlook of yesterday”, brain surgeon Erkan Kaptanoğlu said on Thursday, adding that Mr Denktaș was receiving respiratory support. Mr Denktaș remains on a respiratory machine but as from 5am yesterday his blood pressure and respiration has stabilised.There has been a vigil outside Near East University Hospital since Rauf Denktaș  was taken there on Tuesday.

Hospitals patients face huge price rise – The cost of major surgery in North Cyprus has risen fourfold, dividing health unions. A new price structure for the state healthcare was introduced by the government on Thursday out of the blue. It includes a raft of price hikes for operations, minor surgery and examinations including a 100% increase in the cost of a heart bypass – to 6,000TL.

Friends of Spot (the Society for the Protection of Turtles) find first turtle nest – The first turtle nest of 2011 has been found at Gũzelyalı beach at Karșıyaka

Kulaksiz buyers ‘did nothing for two years’ – (Editor: this was Page 7, seems the trolley dash was more important on the front page). The Kulaksiz 5 buyers knew about the mortgage affecting the homes they bought and did nothing a court has heard. Akan Kürșat, defending Akfinans Bank which is trying to evict several home owners from the Karșıyaka site told Girne District Court they knew about the mortgage when they began to register their contracts at the Land Registry. There was an upset in the court room as the case was adjourned on Thursday when a “supporter” of the Kulaksiz 5 buyers made an aggresssive gesture at Mr. Kürșat. Police were called. Mr Kürșat singled out Richard Barclay, representing his mother Christine as one of the buyers, during a cross examination. Mr Barclay has claimed in court the bank was “terrorising them” and was guilty of fraud. He also claimed that the buyers living there would “have nowhere else to live”. But Mr Kürșat  said “Nothing was done and seven months later the bank obtained a court judgement against the landowner. You, Mr Barclay, claim there was a fraudulent action yet you did not become a party to the case. You had seven months to apply for the cancellation of the mortgage and did not take any action for two years.”

He said that Pauline Read, who surrendered her claims on her villa at Kulaksiz 5 when she won a case for a refund against the construction firm, was living elsewhere. He said this gave the lie to claims that the Kulaksiz 5 residents “would be left on the street” if they lost their villas.

The case was adjourned until Monday June 6 when the cross examination of Mr Barclay will continue.

Eroğlu: Summit could be the last – Turkish Cypriot leader Derviş Eroğlu has warned that the July 7 summit in Geneva could be the last in the current round of talks. He fears the peace talks will be put on hold. He said the Greek Cypriots merely wanted a continuation of the Republic of Cyprus, while the TRNC wanted a new partnership

No prison release for death crash expat – A British expat charged with the death of two teenagers in a road accident has still not been able to enter a plea. Anthony john Davey, 72, from Arapkõy, was due to enter pleas to 5 charges against him at Girne Assizes Court on Wednesday but the case was adjourned while solicitors tried to come to an agreement. Mr Davey has been charged with the two deaths in January. He has also been charged with reckless driving, speeding and dangerous driving. He has been on remand in Lefkoşa Central prison since his arrest  on January 18 – the night of the accident.

Mr Davey’s advocate, Sinan Semiler said : “We have asked for one more week to see if we can come to an agreement.” He said that they wanted to avoid Mr Davey, who has health issues, remaining in Lefkoşa Central Prison for another four or so months waiting for trial. The case was adjourned until Wednesday June 1st.

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