in Cyprus Today – 26/3/2011

Crackdown on speeding – motorists to be notified of fines within 5 days. A new point-to-point speed system is to be trialled which prevents drivers avoiding fines by slowing down for speed cameras and then speeding up afterwards. A company called Golden Arrow Courier Services is supposed to set up a system which issues tickets within 15 days and fines then have to be paid within 15 days or will be doubled. Editor: am I the only person wondering how a country without a postal system or an A-Z Street Map is going to manage to deliver these documents within 15 days?

Carrier set to launch but without aircraft – they’ll used Turkish Airline planes. Editor: or was it Atlasjet, no it was Pegasus planes. What a confidence building move, let’s hope we’ll soon be able to book our Turkish Airlines tickets from which currently only shows a picture of a plane crudely painted with the NCA colours. Or perhaps we could book them directly from Turkish Airlines more cheaply?

Outrage at ‘insulting’ test paper questions – former CTA employees applying for jobs at North Cyprus airlines are complaining about the company even before they have been given a job (not actually a good way to impress the employers). The test includes questions such as whether applicants believe in marriage or had pains below their waist. Editor: were the questions related in some way?

Tourism website shut – because the £8000 bill wasn’t paid. Editor: £8000 for a simple website!

Time change is a little late – Editor: as a move showing expectations leading from the current Cyprus Talks the TRNC has decided to synchronise the change of clocks to Turkey rather than the Rest of Cyprus. Clocks will therefore go one hour forward on Monday and not Sunday morning.

Third General Strike planned – on Thursday April 7th

Two-pronged attack to kill caterpillars – aerial spraying and the releasing of the Pine Processionary caterpillar’s predator, the Forest caterpillar Hunter (Terminator Beetle), are ways being used to kill these pine tree destroying caterpillars. Editor: NCFP’s article is at



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