Akfinans Bank issue eviction writs to Kulaksiz 5 home owners


Eviction - CCL photo credit: Daquella manera

I was wondering why Pauline Read had not reported on the Kulaksiz 5 eviction notices which are rumoured to have been issued recently. I questioned Pauline and after some time she admitted that she had been accused of making matters worse by publicising the plight of the purchasers there. It seemed strange to me that a writ had not be issued to her, it was almost as if they were waiting to see if she publicised the evictions before deciding what to do.

After Malcolm posted an enquiry on Cyprus44 a few hours ago he received an anonymous email, using the NCFP contact facility, saying that two writs had been issued so far, to angry home owners who told the bailiff what they thought of them, and also said that the bailiff had a handful of writs which they assumed were for the rest of the owners. They also said that the occupants of these villas will be charged £600pm while they occupied them. Unbelievable, having to pay rent for property which you have already paid to have built. I could understand £50pm for using a patch of ground but to actually be made to pay to stay in a villa you’ve had built! Time to get the bulldozers in I think.

Another thing that Pauline reluctantly admitted was that criticism for her actions in exposing the mortgage scam was actually coming from friends of the Kulaksiz 5 residents. Again, I found this ridiculous and Pauline did not say this directly but putting 2+2 together in the light of a comment on Cyprus44 which said as much, this now does seem likely.

Well, there is some bad news for those who don’t like NCFP publishing details of those affected by the ability of builders to blackmail purchasers such as those at Kulaksiz 5 and then raise a mortgage they do not intend to pay back. That news is that we intend to keep publishing these stories and naming names until the government does something to help those who have been scammed here. Endorsing the rights of buyers as beneficial owners in these properties would be a good start. They don’t have to do anything other than come out and criticise those, like Akfinans Bank, who operate these scams, or perhaps that’s not what governing is about?

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