Today is the auction of sold properties mortgaged by Akfinans Bank

Will the Auction go ahead today? Will decency, compassion and old fashioned fair play save the day. I don’t know.

Last night, at just after 8.00pm, I received a telephone call from an excited Ipek Ozerim. ‘Pauline you’re on!’ Mr. Tatar, Finance Minister and owner of Kanalt TV, had bowed to her relentless requests and decided to allow the Kulaksiz 5 to have their say. Now you can imagine, I had been sitting at home feeling pretty disheartened and yes, sorry for myself. I tried to get other members of Kulaksiz 5 to accompany me but due to the lateness of the change of heart, it was not possible. I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, and chose an outfit that befits a little old lady. My long-time, long suffering partner drove me to the studio in Lefkoşa where I had to be by 9.30 p.m.

How do you judge your own performance? My partner who watched on the TV in the waiting area said I was wonderful, he would wouldn’t he? Hasan Sungur was the first caller whilst I was on air. I haven’t a clue what he said but no doubt I will find out during the course of today. I managed to make a direct appeal to AKFINANS BANK LIMITED and to the PRESIDENT OF THE T.R.N.C. I think I got most of the points over and the response from the ordinary Turkish Cypriots who phoned in was heartening. One lovely Turkish Cypriot man suggested the whole of the Turkish Cypriot people donate money to pay off the mortgage. Some said they were ashamed of the way we were being treated. Why should hard working, decent Turkish Cypriots pay a debt that is so large because of the extortionate rate of interest imposed; 80% per quarter compound.

I did not sleep much last night. Today promises to be a very emotional time for the Kulaksiz 5 – all of you who are coming to support us today, please do not put yourselves at risk but do come, we need you. We need your photos too; those of you who are gifted photographers email them to me via North Cyprus Free Press email (click here). Tomorrow they could be in the UK press.

I trust all of you with my personal email but I have made a lot of enemies out there, so I cannot give it.

A big thank you to Ipek Ozerim of Embargoed! without whom we would still be knocking our heads against a brick wall. A big thank you to Malcolm of North Cyprus Free Press – a true friend.

If you care – be there

TODAY Auction at the coffee shop, Karsiyaka Square – be early, I would suggest no later than 9.30 a.m.

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